This is part 2 of a game I have made already called Ball of Rage. 

In this game, you play as a ball trying to make it to the end of the map. Some parts of the game may make you RAGE!!! Can you handle it? Well, I guess that you'll find out.


Controls are located in the main menu at the top left of the screen. 

Red Block: It takes away all your jumps when you touch it.

Yellow Block: It boosts you in a certain direction when you touch it.

Purple Block: It sends you back to the start when you touch it.

This game may be built to make you rage, but remember, have fun while playing it too!

Updated 16 days ago
Made withUnity
Tagsjumping, rage-inducing, Short, Singleplayer


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You owe me a keyboard
Also you will owe me an led monitor in a couple hours

Calm down. Calm down. Everything will be alright. Go to your happy place. Lol. Thanks for playing!

Did you ever beat the game?

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*Deep Inhale* I'm fine. I'm not raging... I'm just mildly perturbed by the fact I couldn't get past the first level... ThE FiRsT LeVeL!


But in all seriousness, your game is actually pretty cool. There's only a couple things I would change.

1. Add drag to the ball so the player isn't constantly moving.

2. Some music would be nice.

3. Add mini goals/checkpoints. People will slowly get bored when it seems like there making little to no progress. For getting over it. the background scenery changed as well as the objects to tell the player that there progressing.

Note: I'm a beginner developer and you may have a different vision for this game. So if you don't like any of the suggestions I made, don't feel pressure. (:

This game definitely has potential. Keep working on it! 

Also, great job on the game page. Not many people take the time to customize it.I think my game's page is the only reason people even try it. So, it can make a world of difference.

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Thank you so much! I love to hear that my game actually did its job in being rage inducing.

The feedback you gave was awesome by the way! I don't get much of it, so I love it when I actually see someone commented on my games. I agree with you on your feedback except for the checkpoints because you know, it's got to be rage inducing... Lol. In all seriousness, this was the best feedback that I have ever gotten, so thank you!

I think it's an awesome idea to add some music. Unfortunately, I am kind of lacking in music making, so I will have to work on that one. I can see adding some drag to the ball. That would be a nice thing to add. I agree that it will get boring after awhile. I should probably add a background like you said. 

I appreciate this so much. You even followed me! You are so awesome! From one developer to another to another, thank you! I am going to look into some of your games, so you might see me in some of your comments. (:

Happy to help. This game shows real promise. Even if that promise is endless nights of pain after not getting past level 1. I'm not very good at music either. So if it helps, I use SoundCloud for all my music. Just filter by "To use commercially" and rows of great sound tracks appear! 

Other things I use:

Both these websites were instrumental in the making of GeoSpace.

Also, thanks for following me! You are my 10th follower. YAY!! I'm really glad that my feedback helped you so much. 

If you need any more, just ask. I love talking about stuff other people could do! (:

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Lol. I did make level one hard, didn’t I?

Thanks for the suggestions! I didn’t know that you can filter for commercial music in sound cloud. I might try that out. Good job on reaching the 10 followers mark dude! That’s pretty cool

If I need some feedback, I’ll definitely let you know! I am actually working on two games right now with two different friends. One is going to take awhile, but the other will be released soon. The one that will take a while is a horror game. My friend and I are trying to make it really scary. Do you like to play scary games? 

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I sometimes play horror games. Is there any gore though? And is this game 3d or 2d?

This game will be 3D and have no gore. I personally don’t like gore.